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pillows on bed

Oft Soft

Pillow on my bed,
Cushion for my head.
Pillow soft and deep,
Cradle while I sleep.



With my eye
I spy
A butterfly.
On this wondrous occasion
It's of the swallowtail persuasion
With wings of yellow and black
And towards the back
A hue
Of blue.


Queen Kathleen

Your kindness touched me to the core,
In return I offer thanks and nothing more.
I couldn't hide the tears of gratitude
For your thoughtfulness and the food.


Knit Intent

The intention is that those who can, do.
Sending you bundles of light in packets of woo.
Feel the web of love and prayer that surrounds you.
I have journeyed down that path, too.
Please, let me know if there's anything I can do.


Forbear My Stare

Forgive my stare, as I look at you really hard.
I don't mean to be rude or catch you off guard.
I just want to remember the curve of your smile
Well enough it stays in my deepest memory file.

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Times’ Rhymes

I love the meters and rhymes
I read in The Australia Times.
Fortnightly, they can be seen
In their poetry magazine.

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