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cattleya orchid

Internet Post as a Toast

Here’s to words that feed the soul
From whatever source they may be found.
Here’s to bliss and feeling whole;
Now, today and all year round.
Here are wings to help you fly,
Support for the life of your dreams.
Go, leaving behind pain and sigh.
There’s more to life than it seems.
May kisses meet your puckered lips.
Let fears and sorrows find release,
Dance crazy and sashay your hips.
Make living your way a masterpiece.

Blue Mountain

My Monticello Man

Second only to loving me,
He cherishes his family.
He shows how much he cares
By the things he shares.
Holding on to his clan,
That’s my Monticello man.

Some promises are pressured,
But he always keeps his word.
His words are plain and sincere.
He’s determined to hang in there,
Finishing what he began.
That’s my Monticello man.

Manipulation is for the birds,
He was raised with high standards.
He’s hard working and reliable.
His integrity’s undeniable.
Doing the best that he can,
That’s my Monticello man.

While displaying innocence
He reacts with patience.
Mostly following society’s views,
He keeps traditions and values.
A cut above the common Everyman,
That’s my Monticello man.

red rose

Romancer Answer

My love is like a blossom
Or a beautiful bloom.
The feeling is awesome,
Like a heady perfume.

Sadly, flowers don’t last long
And the petals quickly drop.
I hope my ardor proves to be strong,
Strong enough to come out on top.

I don’t usually give cut flowers.
Their beauty fades, goes pretty fast.
Blooms may express love’s powers,
But I want my love to go on and last.

Let my love be something that endures.
Perhaps, of a substance yet unknown
To represent my love as it matures.
Maybe I want beauty carved in stone.

Stone won’t change in my lifetime.
A statuette would only gather dust.
Should I celebrate with a rhyme?
Sure, poetry will keep my love robust.

money laid out 

Payment Agreement

“It’s more than we can afford to pay.”
In a jewelry store, on a sunny day
A couple looks at rings on display.
The ones with the right style and inlay
Had a price tag out of range that day,
But if they put their rings on lay-away
Then little by little they could pay.
Surely, their love would be as strong
As the payments would be long.

“It’s more than we can afford to pay.”
At the curbside, on a rainy day
The couple looks at a house for sale.
The one with the right style and detail
Was out of their budget price range.
But if they could manage to arrange
New rates or for some fees to be abated
Then the moneys could be paid prorated.
Surely, their love would be as strong
As the payments would be long.

brown moth

Moth, Bug Off!

In my dry bathtub stall
There was a moth on the wall.
It had a pretty wing span
In shades of brown and tan.
“Poor moth,” I cried,
“You’re supposed to be outside.”
The windows all had screens
Obstructing any easy means
Of releasing the moth outdoors
To fly in nature’s corridors.
I picked up a flip-flop
And with a very loud pop
Brought a instantaneous end
As the flier was flattened.

rubber duckie unicorn

Reborn As Unicorn

Once upon a time there was a little Ducky Waddles
Growing up and following his mother around.
He had fun splashing in all the rain puddles.
While swimming in the pond, his joy was unbound.
Poor Ducky Waddles, those activities
Didn’t prepare him for the troubles
Of aging into puberty’s sensitivities
With all its changes and struggles.
His voice dropped and his quack cracked,
And he noticed other oddities carefully.
His crest and tail feathers, as a matter of fact,
Grew much longer and came in very colorfully.
There was an itch on his forehead
Which he rubbed occasionally.
What a total surprise, instead of a blackhead,
A horn grew there functionally.
Ducky Waddles no longer fit as a name
Now that he had a mane, tail and horn.
He chose to announce and proclaim
That he be known as Quackicorn.

tree bark

Hard-core Chore

Looking at the task to be done,
Didn’t look like very much fun.
Setting about with determination
And stimulated by imagination,
She dug in where there was need.
Concentrating on doing the deed,
Incrementally making progress
While ignoring any stress,
Soon she could see results.
Double checking for faults,
The job didn’t seem megalithic.
Doing her best with a work ethic,
With what she knew and what she had
The final outcome wasn’t half bad.

lighting a candle from 
another candle

Heartache Grubstake

Heartbreak robs sleep.
Hope is a keeper.
Heartbreak is deep,
Our hope is deeper.

We held a vigil today,
Holding others close
Within our heart's bay,
Trying not to be morose.

There was gladness expressed
At meeting others in person.
Giving our minds some rest
In case things worsen.

We got to know
Each other for real.
Not just for show,
Sharing how we feel.

Singing hymns buoyed us up
And helped our spirits soar.
The fellowship bucked us up
Even tho we were heartsore.

Heartbreak robs sleep.
Hope is a keeper.
Heartbreak is deep,
Our hope is deeper.

Peace Rose

Peace Piece

Two men in a quiet place
Arm in arm, face to face,
Caught in a tight embrace.
Their touching slowing its pace.
Peace pervades their space.

Two diplomats in a quiet space,
Arranged meeting face-to-face.
Caught between a rock and a hard place.
Hostilities slowing their pace,
Peace negotiations take place.

Two nations in a quiet place,
Friendly nations on their face,
United by trade’s embrace.
Negotiations happen at their own pace,
Peace is present in this space.